Allstar Sound for the past twenty years has been supplying pro audio sound systems and audio visual equipment for many different types of events such has Corporate events, Concerts, Special events, Fairs and Festivals. Our sound systems are Sate-of-the-Art we stay on top of the latest technology. that is why when the event planners, producers, and concert promoters are looking for sound equipment that is new on the market they will call Allstar Sound.

  Concerts                                                  Fairs & Festivals                                   Corporate Events   
Matchbox 20                                           Ventura County Fair                                       Outback Steak
Beach Boys                                             San Fernando Valley Fair                                 Toshiba  
Don Henley                                             City of Santa Clarita                                         GMDC 
Glen Fry                                                  City of Glendale                                                Kawasaki
Clint Black                                               Cajun Festival                                                  Nintendo
America                                                   Taste of Newport                                              UCLA 
Temptations                                            Taste of Encino                                                 IWLA
Lionel Ritchie                                           City of Los Angeles                                           AAM 
CCR                                                         City of Ventura                                                 Trial Lawyers 
Marshall Tucker Band                              Ojai Music Festival                                            Toyota
4 Tops                                                     Cowboy Poetry Festival                                   UCLA 
BB King                                                    Long Beach Blue Festival                                 NGA
Jerry Lee Lewis                                                                                                               BMW 
Kenny Loggins                                                                                                                SBC          
Natalie Cole                                                                                                                    Honda
Jay Leno
Neil Young

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